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14 March 2012 @ 07:36 pm
Insanely Sane  


Kim Jaejoong, Fictional/OC


     The extent of our ignorance, the extent of our selfishness makes us forget a world that has been put into exile by our modern day society. We don’t see these people clearly; we don’t pay attention to those cast away from us; we forget those that don’t affect us. But one day, we turn on the television after our regular meal and sink further into our seat, shocked from the bloody mess greeting us. Many find this gruesome state disgusting and flip the channel to watch a soap opera that makes us feel good inside. Others linger on this news report, barely glimpsing at the screen as they settle in for dessert. The bloody mess is a girl named Lee Jin, but the audience hadn’t paid enough attention to realize this, as her name was mentioned only once, and never again. The attention of the audience is given to the pretty reporter as she explains the situation. 
     There had been a fight in a mental institute located near the country sides, somewhere where nobody would ever go. And this fight would bring out, from the shadows, a truth that was to hit the general public right smack in the face, and from the darkness where nobody would even try to explore, was none other than a twisted love. 
Date: September 3rd, 2011 
Situation: Unstable; interview with murderer
Motivation/conflict: Unknown
Death: 1, a man by the name Kim Jaejoong. 
Witness account: 1, guard, from the window.
"I don't know anything! I'm just a guard! But... well, he hit her... and she hit him. Blood was on the windows, but the weird thing is, neither threw curses at each other. It was a fight, but it was a silent fight. No grunts, no groans; it even seemed graceful for a while, until you noticed the blood." 

~Character introduction~

Lee Jin; 21; female 
“I’ve seen them… I’ve seen them die, and still, nobody remembers them. The carved names on the graves are people with a wandering soul, a soul rejected by even their loved ones. They leave no memory; they leave no trace, for they are seen as unworthy to leave a footstep. Nobody listens to the words of the mentally unstable.” 
“I hear voices, but those voices don’t tell me to kill. Your ‘normal’ people are starting wars, killing millions on billions at a time… and you call us insane.” 
Kim Jaejoong; 25; male 
“Nothing hurts more than knowing that that sun is out of reach. I can withstand that pain though. What tears me down, is the fact that you can’t reach it either.” 
“You love me too, right? Then, please, make this end quicker… I want to see that sun. I want to feel that warmth. I want you to be with me…away from these bars.”

“She… doesn’t seem at all crazy,” Said the female police officer, barely audible as she was whispering.

“Shut up and listen to her story already, but you don’t need to take down anything… her words are not accountable, after all, she iscoming from a mental institute.”

“But wouldn’t it be better to take record of it?”

“Record my ass. The real record will be what we get from the camera. This, this is just entertainment for the public. Watch her make a fool of herself.” 

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