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24 December 2012 @ 10:43 pm
Dollhouse [Epilogue]  

Title: Dollhouse
Pairing: Onkey, Onho, Jongkey, Taekey
Rating: R 
Summary: They had always been more than just dolls to Kibum. 
Warnings: So, umm, this would be a pretty messed up fic...

Part 1 of 3
Part 2 of 3
Part 3 of 3


Jonghyun wasn’t one for deep contemplation, but once in while, he found his mind wandering off to a place that was familiar, remembering but not quite at point of total recall.

His life now just seemed so surreal, those he called friends he really didn’t know, and he never found a deep connection with them… Even as he tried to let people into his heart, something else always, always seemed to be occupying it already.

He didn’t remember, but sometimes he felt like who he was now was just a shell. He would wake up and do just as his doctors told him to, but when he looked in the mirror, he could see how there was something missing. An arm around his waist, a kiss upon his brow, a person that he could not quite remember.

His past seemed like a dream: one that started too abruptly and ended too quickly. Maybe he was awake now, and that’s why he couldn’t remember anything.

Would anything ever be fixed though? Would a ripple be forgotten once the sea returned to its peaceful rush?

A part of him was missing, but that was all he knew. He felt it deep in his gut, his heart, and sometimes, he became so frustrated with trying to remember that even bashing his head against the wall didn’t help cease the intense headache.

The memories were so close. All he needed was that, that right key, the key that would unlock his memories and make him remember everything.

Apparently a ripple is never forgotten, not when it means the world to you.

As Jonghyun walks down the street towards his friend's house, small fragments of memories has him clutching his sides and breathing heavily. A voice in the distance calls out to him.

“Come here. Come here. Come here.”

The voice was so loving, so caring... And yet so scarily devious.

"Y-yes" he mutters, turning to the cat eyes glowing in the dark. “Kibum.”

He looked over to a pair of softer ones, and the name left his lips even before his eyes adjusted to the dark. "Onew."


Minho was drunk again.

He grinned cheekily as he relived his victory today to his fellow teammates, recounting the fear and uncertainty he had felt as he managed to score the last, winning goal all on his own.

"They totally didn't see that coming!!" his friend, Donghae, yelled, holding yet another mug full of beer to toast the young soccer player.

Minho wasn't talking though, only silently smiling at the sight of his girlfriend curled up in his lap, lips attached to his neck.

"Onew," he purred in that low voice of his, staring only at the sweet full lips of his girlfriend, the creamy expanse of pale skin revealed with her low cut halter top, and the soft brown hair she has curled around her neck.

"What, baby?" she asks, a little too drunk to hear what he had called her.

That voice wasn't right though. It was too high, too groggy, and not gentle enough to be the voice.

Come to think of it, he flinched as he took note of the narrow waist, the layers of make up caked on her face and the too obvious bulges pressing against his chest.

"Your waist is too bony. Why is your eye green and purple? Stop pressing against me." he mutters, arm falling to his side as she looks up at him with a drunk smile.

She thinks it's funny. Nobody has denied her before. She was beautiful, after all.

He takes one look at her smiling face and shoves her off. “The smile is all wrong,” he yells bitterly. The smile was not wide enough, not bright enough, not cute enough.

It’s not Onew, so of course it isn’t enough.

She falls flat on her ass just as a strong grip on her right arm has her swinging to the other side of the table, and she looks up into a pair of glowing cat eyes. She wonders if she's too drunk.

Then her gaze shifts and she looks into a pretty smiling face, lips drawn tightly over bunny teeth and cute eye smile shining even in the dimmed lighting of the club.

"Goodbye." says a loud voice, and she finally turns to see a shock of blond hair, before she's shoved into a mass of sweaty, dancing clubbers.

She disappears in the crowd within seconds, too caught up in the excitement.

Minho was gawking now, at the perfect eye smile, at the perfect smile, at the perfect curvy waist of the boy before him.

His tall, drunken body rushes forward and envelops the other boy in a tight hug, refusing to let go even when the pair of cat eyes narrow at him and he feels a kick on his shin.

It didn't matter though, because ONEW, goddamnit, ONEW, was giggling and hugging him back.

"Minho-ssi!" his voice is as sweet as ever as the boy breaks out into hysterical laughter as Minho's hands travel all along his body, just to make sure that this really was happening. Onew remembers Minho now. Pictures, he recalls, and giggles. Perhaps the conditioning done after his initial training were only temporary, like the time he had spent apart from Kibum these last few years.

"That tickles!!" Minho hears, but his hands don't stop, and he growls when he feels hands tugging him away from Onew.

He could hear the jealousy in Kibum's voice as the man grips Onew around the waist and holds out a hand, palm flat, to Minho's face, and downright tells him to stop.

He doesn't give a second doubt as he follows the trio to the door of the club, disappearing with his family quickly in the darkness.

Choi Minho, new soccer extraordinaire, had disappeared that night along with 3 beautiful people nobody had remembered ever entering the club.


"Hyung!" Taemin called out into the darkness, hugging a huge pillow that his new foster family had given him as a birthday present when they noticed he tended to have very intense nightmares.

"Umma..." he cried, not quite remembering who he was calling out to. It couldn't be his foster mother because he still felt awkward in this family, and had never quite gotten close to any of them in the last 2 years.

He hugged the pillow tighter and tried to imagine firm, warm arms around him. He knew what that warmth felt like, but nothing worked. A girlfriend didn't help, his foster mother didn't help, even a boyfriend hadn't done anything to ease his heart.

He needed something else, someone else.

That someone came the next morning, walking into his high school with a wide-eyed, smiling boy next to him. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw fire blond hair and a tall frame guarding the school gates as he walked around school grounds, not being able to focus in class.

It seemed like the man before him knew exactly what he wanted, and wrapped long slender arms around his thin frame, muttering "Taeminnie" in a soft voice before smoothing his overgrown hair with long fingers.

"Umma." he whispered blissfully, arms lanky but not awkward around the man before him.

"My baby, you're so thin." he could feel Kibum frowning against his neck and he shivered as warm breaths ghosted over his nape.

"Let's go home." Kibum smiled, and Taemin did nothing but follow blindly as the other four guided him along.


Kibum looked around the small room in a village of a remote area in Korea.

It was dark, and on the small bed, Onew was squeezed in between him and Minho, with Minho always curling a possessive arm around the curve of his waist. Kibum looked down at Onew's hand enveloped in his own and smiled at the cute smile on the other's face.

He himself had Jonghyun hugging his chest, head nuzzled to his back. Taemin was sprawled out next to Minho, hogging the pile of blankets like a child.

He didn't think he needed anything else. He had his dollhouse and his dolls.

Eyes glistening with tears, he muttered rather childishly into the pillow. "This is my dollhouse, and nobody can take it away from me.”

And so nothing changes.


Ta-dah~ Hehe, a bit later than predicted because I got carried away with youtubing :P A HUGE thanks to everybody that read and commented :) I hope you liked this...umm, story (?) that I randomly started writing :P I was hoping that it came out kind of like when you look at a collage and certain pictures were linked to certain memories... This story was supposed to be something like snapshots of parts of Kibum's memories :)
Thanks :)

-sikily (

Merry Christmas :)

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